Are you an NGO?

If you are a humanitarian NGO without political affiliations and you need translations, TWB can help you!
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Translators Without Borders answers all your queries. What organisations are eligible for TWB translations? How does the TWB translation process work? What details do you need to give about (...)[+]

Our Partner NGOs

Action contre la faim The aim of this NGO is to fight the scourge of famine on all fronts. PlaNet Finance This international organisation’s mission is to fight against poverty through the (...)[+]

NGO Translation Request Process

The translation request process is very simple. First of all, we ask you to email us at with the document you need translated. You should also indicate information such as such (...)[+]

Are you a translator?

If you have ever wondered how to combine your translating skills with lending a hand to a worthy cause, volunteer for Translators Without Borders!
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Translator FAQ

Translators Without Borders answers all your queries. What criteria are required to join the TWB team? Why do TWB translators need to meet these criteria? What are the languages currently (...)[+]

Language combinations needed

TWB needs volunteer translators and proofreaders. The language combinations we are currently looking for are: English > French, Spanish, Portuguese French > English, Spanish, (...)[+]

Overview of TWB translation projects

The following topics have also been the subject of translation requests from NGOs : food security and armed conflict in the Sudan mother-to-child transmission of HIV sleeping (...)[+]